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medical aid plans

Good, quality and affordable isn’t a luxury but a necessity.
That’s why your medical aid needs are our top priority!

medical aid plans


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medical aid plans


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medical aid plans


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medical aid plans

Hospital Benefits

A range of hospital plans to suit most budgets. We will ensure that you receive the best quality care in private hospitals with cover for various essential services, including childbirth

medical aid plans

Chronic Benefits

Chronic benefits for the diagnosis, treatment and management of chronic diseases, including diabetes and HIV. Unlimited cover* for prescribed minimum benefits (PMBs).

medical aid plans

Day-to-day benefits

Cover for out-of-hospital consultation fees, treatment, tests, scans and acute medication. Traditional cover with separate benefits for different expenses or choose a savings plan.

medical aid plans

Featured Plans

These plans give you set limits for specific benefits for example a GP benefit, optical benefit and
dental benefit. Once one category of benefits is exhausted, the member has access to the
alternative categories for the remainder of the year.

medical aid plans

Wellness benefits include:

One-on-one consultations with our cohort of Wellness experts and fitness coaches (Biokineticists and dieticians)

Programmes to help quit smoking

Best suited for Young Parents and Families

These plans give you limits or cap specific benefits for
example GP, optical and dental benefits.

Once member exhausts one category of benefits, alternative categories of benefits remain accessible to the member for the remainder of the year.

Offers plans with rich day-to-day benefits and comprehensive hospital cover.

* Starting From    R3 888

medical aid plans

Upon Registration of the Maternity Programme includes:

Online Antenatal classes

Dedicated Clinical Care Advisors

X1 Amniocentesis

X4 consultations with a midwife after delivery

24-hour Baby line, with the assistance of registered nurse(for children under 3 years old)

More Plans for You

medical aid plans

Best suited for Students

Plans that cover member for emergency and planned hospital procedures

Member is responsible for own day-to-day medical expenses.

Uses a quality provider network to offer comprehensive hospital cover with value-added benefits

Starting From    R1 600

* approx.

medical aid plans

Best suited for Young Professionals

These plans that provide the member with a set amount to use as they choose for ut-of-hospital expenses, such as GP visits, optometry and dentistry

Member is offered sufficient savings to use at their discretion for medical expenses and extensive hospital cover.

Plans that offer basic cover for day-to-day medical needs and essential hospital cover.

Starting From    R2 069

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical aid should be a long term or even lifelong commitment. You can never be sure when you will need it. The choice of cover needs to be affordable for you on an ongoing basis while still providing adequate cover.
Your healthcare needs change throughout life. Younger and healthier adults can settle for lower cover which is usually cheaper. Older adults and any person with a chronic condition requires more extensive cover.
Budget plans often mean restricted care. You may only be able to visit certain practitioners and facilities, or only certain procedures are covered. It is important to make a sensible choice for cover that is practical for your needs, budget and accessibility.